Evaluating Website Visit Task

Evaluating Website Visit Task

Testing / Website Functionality Published on 27 Mar 2024

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Moderator Note

Step 1: Go to the official website of "ShowTalent" – https://acesse.dev/showtalent

Step 2: Navigate through 20 pages of website, spending a minimum of 30 seconds on each page.

 Step 3: Upon completing the task with integrity, you will promptly receive credits within a few minutes. Furthermore, exceptional work following the outlined process will be duly rewarded with a bonus.

 Important Note: Refrain from utilizing VPNs or proxies and abstain from submitting from multiple IP addresses to mitigate the risk of blacklisting.

Proof Requirement

Screenshots & Text Only

Proof Description

1. Browser history with current date is mandatory otherwise task will be rejected & you will be blacklisted 2. Evidence must be clean and valid, otherwise it will be rejected. 3. False evidence will result in a permanent ban.

Evaluating Website Visit Task
3500 Credits